Hoarded house clearance

Clearing a property that has been hoarded can be particularly challenging, often possessions have been accumulated to the point that moving around the property and maintaining normal life is difficult.

There are many dangers faced in undertaking a hoarded house clearance yourself, the sheer weight of the items hoarded can pose structural problems in the property, trip hazards and potential dangers associated with the nature of the items that are present.

Nottingham house clearance specialists have undertaken many jobs were compulsive hoarding has been an issue, working for both private clients, the department of environmental health and social services.

We are able to offer various services related to hoarded properties, we have worked with clients to clear property to make it habitable for the occupier to safely live in and we are also experienced in clearing hoarded properties where the previous occupier is deceased or has relocated.As with our general house clearances we are able to offer hoarded property clearances throughout Nottinghamshire.

As part of our service we will:

  • Look for any missing valuable items or paperwork and return these to the family.
  • Complete the clearance within a given time frame.
  • Work with other agencies to implement a plan for clearance if an individual is going to be returning to the property.
  • As is standard with all our clearances reuse or recycle as much of the waste as possible.
  • Safely dispose of any hazardous material that may be present in line with current legislation.
  • Work with the utmost confidentiality in respects to the clearance.