Nottingham House Clearance Specialists are fully aware of the environmental issues relating to waste disposal, as such we have a strict policy on how your house clearance is dealt with operating a best practice policy at all times.

As licensed waste carriers we take our responsibilities seriously not only on a business level but also on a personal level.

We strive to firstly Re-use as much as we can out of your house clearance whether this is by means of donation to charitable trusts or by offsetting your saleable goods. This is the first step in reducing the amount of waste produced.

Anything that is not reusable is then sorted for recycling. We will dispose of your items at an Environment Agency Licensed waste transfer station where your waste will be separated for recycling, this ensures that not only is your waste being disposed of legally the bare minimum of items go to landfill. Using these methods you can be confident that up to 90% of your house clearance items will be recycled.