Legal Requirements

It is your responsibility as the producer of the waste to ensure that whoever you use to carry out your work is legally able to do so, anyone carrying out a house clearance should hold an upper tier waste carriers license issued by the environment agency, please be aware that if your items are not disposed of in line with current legislation you are liable for a fine of up to £5000. We have the following advice for you when instructing a house clearance company.

  1. Always check that the person you are instructing holds a valid in date waste carriers license.
  2. If they do hold a license always ask for a receipt or invoice for your work to ensure that you have a paper trail to show that they have taken receipt of your waste. 
  3. If you have any doubts over what is happening to your waste ask to see the duty of care waste transfer receipt which all companies are legally obliged to fill in and keep a copy of for three years, this way you will be sure your waste has made its way to an approved environment agency waste disposal facility.


Remember if you use, cash in hand unregulated, uninsured individuals to clear your property it could be more costly in the long run!

At Nottingham House Clearance specialists we can guarantee you peace of mind by always providing you with the correct paperwork required to reassure you that your waste has been dealt with in line with the Environment Agencies Guidelines.