Filthy and verminous properties

A property that has become unsanitary to the point of attracting infestations by rodents or other pests poses a significant health and environment risk.

At Nottingham house clearance specialists we have cleared and cleaned many properties that have been in this situation, it is particularly important that waste from these premises is dealt with professionally and responsibly due to the risk of disease.

Some examples of what may constitute this type of clearance are:

  • Premises where there is a large amount of decaying food
  •  Premises which may be contaminated with human or animal faeces
  •  Houses or property that has attracted an infestation of mice or rats
  •  General decaying and rotting waste


We have vast experience over the years of undertaking this kind of work and as such have been use by many agencies as well as private clients, including Department of Environmental health, Social care team, solicitors and social services.

You can be assured that your property will be cleared in a responsible way and all waste correctly disposed of, at which time the property can then be sanitised ensuring it is free from risk of disease.